Founder’s Journey

Join Professors Shikhar Ghosh and Laura Huang in this immersive course that uses case studies, simulations, and exercises to prepare you for the highs and lows all founders face. 

Solve a Problem

Searching for an answer to a specific question or exploring new perspectives?

Explore content by stage & topic


Expand your network and learn from others.

Watch focused interviews.

Share Your Discoveries

Share and your ideas in the form of short, TED-style talk or a focused multimedia blog post.

Watch your classmates TEDx talks

Assemble & Learn Online

  • Grapple with challenging scenarios.
  • Learn how others navigated challenges.
  • Get practical advice from pioneering entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • Recognize patterns that could impact your business.
  • Learn trends that shape entrepreneurship.

Share Your Ideas

Create and share a TEDx-style talk or blog post

  • Dive deeper into one aspect of the Founder’s Journey
  • Reflect on a problem or pain point
  • Develop a compelling, evidence-based story relevant to the Founder’s Journey

Get Inspired

“It’s amazing that we were able to grow this company to what it is today. If you allow yourself to just do it, you can go far. Just go for it — though there are risks, there aren’t as many as you think there are.”

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