Founders are twice as likely to struggle with depression and 3x to 10x more likely to experience other disorders—most commonly ADHD, substance abuse, and bipolar disorder—than the general population. Despite the sobering statistics, unhealthy behaviors—bragging about working 24/7, doing everything yourself, skipping sleep, and sacrificing a personal life—persist in startup culture.
In a series of interviews with entrepreneurs, we delve into the emotional side of the challenges that founders and early teams face. Learn how others dealt with intense pressure, public failure, social isolation, burn out, and even serious clinical depression. Hear practical tactics for building resilience during normal periods of intense pressure. Discover how to recognize signs that you or a colleague may need help. Learn how to apply to simple techniques to enhance your well-being and create a healthy company culture.

Entrepreneurs seated in chairs sharing strategies for optimizing wellness & productivity in startup culture.

Strategies for Optimizing Wellness & Productivity

What can leaders can do to support employees' personal wellness without sacrificing productivity? Learn practical behaviors you can implement immediately—and ones to avoid—to create a genuine culture of well-being.

12 min read
Isolated woman sitting on stairs staring at ocean, seeming depressed

Entrepreneurs, Stress & Depression

Two entrepreneurs share their experiences with varying levels of stress and depression as twenty-somethings at early-stage startups.

10 min read