The board of directors is one of a startup’s greatest assets but often founders don’t use them effectively. This series identifies common mistakes many founders make when interacting with their boards. Gain strategic advice and tips from other entrepreneurs on how to cultivate a better relationship with your board and leverage their expertise to benefit your business.

People seated around a conference table, showing good relationship between CEO and board members.

Ways To Improve Your Relationship with Your Board

Your board makes critical decisions, including whether to enter strategic transactions and whether to hire or fire senior management. Identify and avoid the common mistakes many founders make when interacting and learn ways to strengthen your relationship and leverage their expertise.

8 min read
people seated around conference table, at a meeting, discussing how to get value from your board of directors

How To Get More Value from Your Board

How can you benefit from the experience of board members and get more value from your board? In conversations with serial entrepreneurs, we explore ways to reframe your relationship with your board. Learn to maximize their value to your business and strengthen your relationship.

7 min read

5 Mistakes Founders Make with their Boards—and How to Avoid Them

Just closed a round of financing? Funding carries expectations and one of the most important things you can do is learn how to leverage your board. This guide offers 5 practical tips on how to manage relationships with investors and your board, helping you to avoid common missteps. 

8 min read