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Magnus Olsson on How To Find Your Purpose

Magnus Olsson, co-founder of Careem, a mobile-based ride-hailing service that became one of the first unicorns in the Middle East, shares tips on finding your purpose.

Seated man, Mudassir Sheikha the co-founder and CEO of Careem, reviews 3 consequences of hypergrowth

3 Consequences of Hypergrowth & How to Prepare

Growing at a rate of nearly 30 percent per month turned Careem, a mobile-based ride-hailing service, into the first unicorn of the Middle East. But rapid growth created internal strain. Co-founder and CEO Mudassir Sheikha shares how creating a distinct culture helped Careem navigate the challenges of scaling.

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Two entrepreneurs seated in chairs discusing practical advice for scaling startups

Tips for Scaling Startups from NOW Corp’s CEO

Lara Hodgson, Co-Founder and CEO of NOW Corp, shares practical lessons she learned while scaling 2 startups, including how to build a powerful and passionate founding team, get the most from your board, and maintain balance as you scale.

11 min read

Scaling Your Startup? Focus More on People

What sets apart a founder who scales successfully? Many say it's shifting your focus away from executing to building and managing your team. HBS professor Shikhar Ghosh talked with serial entrepreneur and investor Nick Grouf. In this quick exchange, Grouf shares core insights on why founders need to focus more on people, especially as their business scales.

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Scaling Myths That Could Impact Your Startup

During scaling, the role of CEO differs dramatically from that of an early-stage startup. Your focus will shift from proving your idea works, building your product, and getting others on board, to hiring a competent leadership team, creating processes, and being the face of your startup’s mission and culture.

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