Founders provide the heart and soul of most startups but learning how to effectively lead and manage a growing team can be challenging. Learn strategies for adapting from inspirational leaders.

Should You Add a Co-Founder?

Having a co-founder dilutes your equity and authority. When does adding a co-founder add more value than hiring an executive with similar skills? Understanding the unique role a co-founder plays can help you determine if and when you need one.

10 min read
Underwater snapshot of woman alone after diving into the deep end of a pool. Symbolizes being a solo-founder in business.

Going Solo: Founding a Startup without a Co-Founder

Anecdotal evidence suggests that being a solo founder carries more risk than co-founding a startup. Hind Hobeika discusses her reasons for not adding a co-founder and provides ways to rethink the critical decision of having a partner or going solo.

6 min read
Two entrepreneurs seated, discussing in charis, facing one another

Kevin Ryan Shares Insights on What Makes Great CEOs

What qualities make a great CEO? As founder and CEO of AlleyCorp, Kevin Ryan has handpicked CEOs for each of his companies with great success. He shares tactical tips on how to evaluate the best candidates when interviewing and the metrics he uses for evaluating teams can be helpful to anyone building a team.