Companies spend more on hiring today than ever before. Research shows that hiring the wrong employee carries astronomical costs in time, money, and productivity, leading some experts to claim that a poor hiring decision is the most costly mistake a business can make. Hundreds of resources advise founders to “spend more time on hiring” and provide tips on adapting interview questions and expanding the interviewing process. But interviewing alone doesn’t guarantee a good hire. We examine talent acquisition in 4 stages—Strategizing & SourcingInterviewing, Onboarding, and Assessing—and include insights from CEOs who learned to navigate the recruiting process to build stronger, more productive and cohesive teams. Discover some surprising approaches to finding talent, get advice on retaining the best people, and learn tactics for firing underperformers.

Thinking about Firing Someone? CEOs Share Advice for Framing Your Decision

What do you do when your instinct tells you that someone has the potential to drag your company down? Deciding to let someone go is costly, complicated, and emotionally draining for everyone involved. Five entrepreneurs share tips on deciding to fire an employee—and how to do it in the least disruptive way possible.

11 min read
Four empty chairs in a line. The words "Join Our Team, appear across 3 white chairs. One black chair, with no words, appears between "join" and "our." Illustrative of the need to spend more time on recruiting.

Want to Build a Strong Team? Spend More Time on Recruiting—Not Money

Studies show that companies spend more money on hiring today than ever before. Despite the infusion of resources, conventional hiring tactics yield poor results. Shikhar Ghosh talks with six experienced entrepreneurs about how to attract and retain top talent by spending time recruiting outside of conventional channels.

12 min read
graphic of silohuette of two heads illustrating different ways of thinking: growth mindset and skill sets

How Hiring for Growth Mindsets Can Help Your Startup Scale

As co-founder, CEO and President of her latest venture, Lara Hodgson doubled the company’s growth twice in four years. As she prepares her team to double in size again, she shares her insights on team building and why focusing on mindset is so important.

5 min read