Sharing Your Discoveries

As a final project, everyone will create and deliver a TEDx-style talk or multimedia blog post related to the Founder's Journey. Projects should focus on a surprising or counterintuitive insight. Advocate for an idea that goes against the grain of conventional wisdom. Question a fad. Or share something unexpected.

TEDx-style Talk or Multimedia Blog Post

Each of you will create, produce, and share a TEDx-style talk or multi-media blog post that explores some aspect of the Founder’s Journey. Get creative. We welcome and applaud originality in content and delivery. This is an opportunity to be innovative, entrepreneurial, and disruptive! Your talk will be evaluated in three primary ways:

  • Idea: is the story relevant to the Founder’s Journey? Are your conclusions practical?
  • Evidence: What evidence do you use to back-up your idea? 
  • Delivery: Do you present your story in a way that engages your “audience?” Do you evoke emotion?

Think about your own personal experiences leading up to where you are now. What stories could you tell, what is something that has continued to nag at you, or what is something that you have always wondered about? Or reflect on a problem or “pain point” that you personally have experienced. You can reflect upon any situation—personal or professional. You are welcome to challenge principles that we have covered in class, provided that you can back up your argument with evidence.

If working with a partner, it is up to you whether both members of the pair appear in the video or one person is on camera. More detailed guidelines will discussed in class and available on Canvas.