Culture can create a sense of cohesiveness for your team. Founders play  a critical part in establishing and modeling culture.

woman working remotely video conferencing with team

Strategies for Building a Strong Remote Team Culture

It's challenging to create a sense of community when the newly assembled team of your early-stage startup is forced to work remotely. But it’s not impossible. Sanchali Pal, co-founder and CEO of  Joro—a technology platform that enables users to track and improve their carbon footprints on their smartphones—shares tips on how she strengthens her team as they work remotely through the COVID-19 crisis.  

6 min read

How Mission Helps You Build the Best Team

Adam Enbar, serial entrepreneur and investor, shares how having a well-defined mission helped him grow his startup from a small idea into the Flatiron School, a rapidly growing coding school that is disrupting higher education.

5 min read