Deciding how to allocate equity can be one of the leading sources of founder conflict. As startups mature, the percentage of founders who express unhappiness with their equity split increases by 2.5x. Learn the most common mistakes founders make when dividing equity and get tips on how you can avoid them.

Graphic of blackboard showing handwritten words related to how to think about co-founder equity splits

Co-Founder Equity Splits—Ways to Approach Allocations

How you divide equity reflects your values, directly impacts your co-founder relationship, and influences how your team and investors perceive your startup. Read more to learn methods for dividing equity that align with your values and can minimize conflict between founders.

8 min read

Why You Should You File an 83(b) Election

If you're vesting equity shares, it's important to understand 83(b) elections. Learn why an 83(b) can save you—and your company—money and when you need to file.

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