Want a peek behind the scenes and hear the real story from people who have been there? Leading entrepreneurs candidly discuss the issues they faced, mistakes they made, and insights they gained while building their businesses. Want to dive deeper into theoretical and tactical issues? HBS faculty share deeper reflections and snippets of wisdom about specific topics.

Case Study

Wes Hall’s Journey: An Entrepreneur Addresses Systemic Racism

Can entrepreneurial skills and experience be applied to social change? Founder and Executive Chairperson of Kingsdale Advisors, Wes Hall risked his financial security and reputation to launch a new venture, BlackNorth Initiative, to combat systemic racism. How can he build his company to accomplish that goal? How would he establish the organization—what steps can he take to ensure its mission continues?

12:44 min view
Case Study

Sunil Nagaraj on the Mindsets of Entrepreneurs & Investors

Sunil Nagaraj, founding partner of Ubiquity Ventures and co-founder of Triangulate, reviews the key differences between the mindsets of entrepreneurs and investors. And he shares tips to help founders better understand their investors' mindsets and help them succeed.

14:24 min view