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Common Terms & Their Implications

Most VCs have standard expectations about equity, control, and governance. Having a solid understanding of common terms—and their consequences—at the outset may help you in negotiating.

5 min read

How to Build a Great Pitch that Hooks Investors

It’s easy to find templates, checklists, and techniques that promise to improve your pitch. But even the majority of good pitches fail to raise venture capital. What drives investors’ interest? How do VCs make decisions? How can you turn your pitch into a great one that has investors eager to hear more about your startup?

7 min read

Should You Bootstrap?

Some legendary entrepreneurs advise startups to raise a minimal amount to retain more equity. Is bootstrapping the best bet for your business? Before you raise, be aware of the risks that come with raising too little money.

5 min read
people seated at different sides of a conference table, person closest to camera is observing two people across the table, suggesting he is evaluating them for qualities VCs look for in startups

What Qualities Do VCs Look for in Founders? Investor Nick Grouf Shares Insights

In this short, focused interview with Shikhar Ghosh, Nick Grouf identifies the qualities and competencies that signal future success for many investors. He offers insightful takeaways about the importance of your business model, team composition, clarity of thought, and attitude towards risk that can help entrepreneurs understand what VCs want.

6 min read