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CEO Dulcie Madden on Navigating Cash Flow Shortages & Adversity While Raising Your Family & Team

How do you handle the more extreme lows on the founder's journey, that you couldn't predict, like an unexpected acquisition offer or being sued by a large manufacturer? Entrepreneur Dulcie Madden shares lessons she's learned growing her hardware startup, Rest Devices. Madden's story is compelling and unique. But her insights on founding team dynamics, marrying your business partner, being CEO while raising a family, leading a company through legal problems and cash flow shortages are useful to any entrepreneur.

Should You Bootstrap?

Some legendary entrepreneurs advise startups to raise a minimal amount to retain more equity. Is bootstrapping the best bet for your business? Before you raise, be aware of the risks that come with raising too little money.

5 min read

Common Funding Mistakes when Scaling

Many founders conflate raising a significant amount of venture capital or getting a high valuation as validation of their current business model. But as you scale, past behaviors stop working effectively and often processes are strained and break. How do you avoid the most common scaling mistakes?

4 min read