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Entrepreneurs seated in chairs sharing strategies for optimizing wellness & productivity in startup culture.

Strategies for Optimizing Wellness & Productivity

What can leaders can do to support employees' personal wellness without sacrificing productivity? Learn practical behaviors you can implement immediately—and ones to avoid—to create a genuine culture of well-being.

12 min read
Isolated woman sitting on stairs staring at ocean, seeming depressed

Entrepreneurs, Stress & Depression

Two entrepreneurs share their experiences with varying levels of stress and depression as twenty-somethings at early-stage startups.

10 min read

Staying Motivated through Disappointments & Failure

How can you stay motivated during times of failure? Hind Hobeika, solo-founder and CEO of Instabeat, shares insights on staying motivated through different scenarios, like manufacturing failures, running out of funding, disappointing customers, or missing a deadline to ship your product.

9 min read