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Two business partners having a difficult conversation

How to Mentally Prepare for a Difficult Conversation

How do you mentally prepare for that difficult conversation? Matthew Bellows shares how meditation can help you mentally prepare for the dreaded conversation of firing a colleague. And he shares a three-minute guided meditation you can do before any stressful situation.

6 min read
woman working remotely video conferencing with team

Strategies for Building a Strong Remote Team Culture

It's challenging to create a sense of community when the newly assembled team of your early-stage startup is forced to work remotely. But it’s not impossible. Sanchali Pal, co-founder and CEO of  Joro—a technology platform that enables users to track and improve their carbon footprints on their smartphones—shares tips on how she strengthens her team as they work remotely through the COVID-19 crisis.  

6 min read
Two entrepreneurs seated, discussing in charis, facing one another

Kevin Ryan Shares Insights on What Makes Great CEOs

What qualities make a great CEO? As founder and CEO of AlleyCorp, Kevin Ryan has handpicked CEOs for each of his companies with great success. He shares tactical tips on how to evaluate the best candidates when interviewing and the metrics he uses for evaluating teams can be helpful to anyone building a team.

How to Express Empathy While Working Remotely

Expressing empathy during times of crisis can help your team become more resilient. But how can you express empathy when your team is physically separated? We connected with entrepreneurs at various stages who share strategies for demonstrating empathy to help your team weather the COVID-19 storm. 

7 min read
View of business person's torso and arms, seated at a desk, practicing mindfulness techniques for entrepreneurs

Mindfulness & Entrepreneurs: How Meditation Makes You a Better Leader

Research in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship claims that mindfulness has myriad benefits for entrepreneurs. Can regular meditation enhance mindfulness, improve your leadership ability, and enhance your business acumen? Serial entrepreneur and seasoned meditator, Matthew Bellows, shares his insights and tips on the power of mindful meditation for entrepreneurs.

11 min read