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CEO Dulcie Madden on Navigating Cash Flow Shortages & Adversity While Raising Your Family & Team

How do you handle the more extreme lows on the founder's journey, that you couldn't predict, like an unexpected acquisition offer or being sued by a large manufacturer? Entrepreneur Dulcie Madden shares lessons she's learned growing her hardware startup, Rest Devices. Madden's story is compelling and unique. But her insights on founding team dynamics, marrying your business partner, being CEO while raising a family, leading a company through legal problems and cash flow shortages are useful to any entrepreneur.

Dinesh Moorjani on Finding the Right Co-Founder

Finding the right co-founder for your venture is one of the biggest early challenges founders face. Dinesh Moorjani shares why co-founder compatibility and chemistry matter as much as skills.

4 min read
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Sunil Nagaraj of Ubiquity Ventures on Co-Founder Compatibility

Many founders start ventures with a friend, assuming their values and goals for the startup will align. But friendship doesn't guarantee compatibility in business. Sunil Nagaraj, founding partner of Ubiquity Ventures shares what he learned about the importance of long-term co-founder compatibility.

4 min read